Two-Poque (Discord bot)

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example two-poque comic

Two-Poque is a chat bot for Discord. It makes comics from discord channel archives in real time. It is not finished yet, but as of now is pretty stable.


  • Invite Two-Poque to your server using the link provided: Invite two-poque to your server
  • To remove Two-Poque from your server, just use the normal Discord kick command in the Discord interface.
  • Two-Poque will ignore all messages that do no start with @two-poque
  • To get the current list of commands type @two-poque help in chat



An undocumented incomplete version of the code is availble on GitHub. It is not necessary to run anything yourself to invite my bot, but if you want to try running your own version (or just laugh at me for being a bad coder) there you go.